Travelling secure in Mexico/ Sicher reisen in Mexiko

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Mich reizt Mexico schon seit langer Zeit – bis jetzt konnte ich meine Freundin allerdings noch nie überreden mit mir dort Urlaub zu verbringen da es ihr zu unsicher ist. Ist die ec90deluxesecuritybeltKriminalität dort wirklich so hoch dass man als Tourist Angst haben muss oder kann man dort mittlerweile sicher Urlaub machen?

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For a long time I have been interested in travelling to Mexico, until nows I could not convince my friend to take vacations there with me, it si too dangerous for her. Is crime so high that as a tourists we should be afraid or is it safe at the moment?

MexIt is frequent to find such questions in traveller forums about security issues. With all the bad news about Mexico many people don´t dare to come. We won´t lie here to you, there are extremely dangerous zones and “no go areas” in Mexico where even we Mexicans take plenty of precautions.

The answer is very simple, do not attempt to visit these specific areas under any circumstances and much less during night time. Another useful tip is to carry the most useful tool or weapon of them all… common sense, or in other words good judgment. Since cultural values and moral are different in each country, so is the degree of awareness and common sense applied. following certain guidelines will protect you regardless of where you are.

Here are some Safety tips from Expertmex if you are travelling in Mexico.

  1. Some research on the country´s risks and awareness of emergency services available before you arrive would be recommended.
  2. If there is the possibility, try to arrive during day time.
  3. Let people close to you back home know your destination and itinerary.
  4. Always stay in public
  5. Make sure you register with your government as a citizen abroad.
  6. Stay in touch with home or friends on a regular basis.
  7. Keep your passport, airplane tickets and other important documents secure in a money belt and have backup copies with you, also scanned copies and uploaded in the cloud or email them to yourself or someone you trust.
  8. Don’t flash expensive items or jewellery, if you have a flashy expensive camera it´s fine don´t panic, use it,  just put it away afterwards.
  9. Be aware of your surroundings, where the exits are, who is with you, land marks to orient yourself
  10. Let the desk clerk or some other trusted person know where you are going and carry the name and address of the place you’re staying in the local language on a card.
  11. Technology is available for all nowadays, download a GPS or country apps to your phone, if possible and also a translator.
  12. Use ATMs to get money and don’t take out large sums at one time, avoid doing it at night time or at a lonely street. Consider prepaid credit card.
  13. Keep your cell phone handy so that you can call for help if necessary
  14. Stay sober but if a party is imminent stay hydrated and well fed, don´t drink heavy on an empty stomach.
  15. trust your instincts. Listen to them. If something doesn’t feel right, get out of there.

As you can see these are travel rules and tips that apply to most countries, not just Mexico.

click on the map to get information about specific areas.

The areas marked with “RED” are definite “no go” areas and the ones marked in “ORANGE” are areas where common sense and a previous research on the security situation and updates are required, they tend to vary.

The list of cities, towns and regions not to be visited , (web site research,update 27.12.14):

  1. Saltillo (Coahuila)
  2. Los Mochis, Culiacan and Mazatlán (Sinaloa)
  3. Hermosillo, Ciudad Obregón, Guaymas o Puerto Peñasco (Sonora)
  4. Tijuana, Playas de Rosario y las rutas hacia Tecate y Mexicali (Baja California)
  5. The City of Chihuahua and other state towns and cities such as Cuahutémoc, Hidalgo del Parral and Barranca del Cobre.
  6. Ciudad de Durango
  7. San Luis Potosi at the mountain region.
  8. Veracruz State.
  9.  Zacatecas State but not the Zacatecas City, it is safe, the highway between Aguascalientes and Zacatecas.
  10.  The outskirts of Mexico City.
  11. Michoacán and Guerrero State specially in the mountain region.

Many of these regions are coming back to normality but we do still ask you to take precautions. Due to it´s beautiful beaches and many archaeological sites most vacationists visit the maya area in the Peninsula of Yucatan where the security is equivalent to most West European countries.

If you have further doubts or inquiries on security matters contact us at: If you are already travelling contact us to provide you with our Skype help desk  number.