Apart from providing intercultural training we help you plan a safe and interesting route through Mexico. We are geographers and anthropologists and sociologists that have widely  travelled through Mexico.


You are planning your trip to Mexico and your passion is archaeology, history and getting to know places outside theExpertmex Maya zone tourist zones that have a strong cultural value. Unfortunately most of these zones are not covered in the main tourist guides. If you have more or less an idea of what you want to visit and experience in Mexico we could customise a safe route with your dream schedule. We add to this schedule maps, links, videos, bibliography and inside tips. 

A family member is traveling alone and you would like him/her to have assistance and advise along the way, we can provide help and assistance if necessary.

We are not a travel agency, but if you are unsure about Mexico and it´s cultural rules, safety measures or all that has Mexico to offer to the traveller Expertemex-travel becomes the best option before you visit a travel agency.

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Precise information of each town

Precise information of each town in Mexico

Consider us more than a cloud a sort of a guardian angel with all the technology required to help and assist during your stay in Mexico.



You are travelling and unsure which regions in Mexico have security issues, we can provide you with al useful information of risk areas, maps, links and advises in case of an emergency.

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