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Even if living temporary or long term in Mexico we can provide you or your employees with all possible info of the city or region of stay to make their adaptive period a smoother and easy as possible. We search and investigate all the information we consider useful but we also take in consideration personal and specific needs of the traveller.
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The information we provide:

Family – Schools for children with diverse language possibilities, transportation, clubs, sports, arts, parks, all according the to the children´s age. explanation of education system.

Call assistance – Need to make an appointment with the dentist, or with certain person and still feel unconfotable due to language issues? We can assist you by calling.

Help Desk – Keep with us in touch anytime if there is an emergency or your require further crucial and further information about the country.

Health – The expatriate in Mexico can usually rely on good health care. We offer hospitals information with location, contact info , rating and maps, first aid and medical assistance, inssurance info, pharmacies, health insurance.

Security and legal advise – police information, 911 or equivalent, info on risks and “no go areas”, latest information on security of the area, lawyers, embassy or closest consulates, accident insurance,

Communication – celular phones (diverse options and coverage), internet, WIFI connectivity, TV and radio

Social networking in Mexico with landmates and expats – Want to have contact with people from your country or speak same language, we provide you with all possible social networking, clubs, gathering or meeting points, www sites, homeland products info and useful links.

City or region Information – Cultural perspectives and values in the new home in Mexico to avoid as much as possible the cultural shock.

Food preferences – vegetarian or vegan options, religious meal considerations, diabetic food options.

Shopping – Obtaining products from home, information from supermarkets, streetmarkets, bio products, price information.

Spanish language Schools – All school´s possibilities for you to learn or improve your spanish knowledge, with prices and ratings of each school.

Immigration and visas – Requirements, Immigration offices adresses and advises.

Special requirements – wheel chair accessability, dissablement, empirements, travelling with small children or elderly.

Banks and Banking – Expatriates staying in Mexico for an extended period will probably need a mexican bank connection, therefore we offer options.

House / Apartment Rental – Information on the different districts of the city, housing options, buying or renting furniture.

Personal and specific needs (PSN) – Feel free to ask any special information, could be dinner options and tips for a dinner with customers or dates, inside tips, recommendations on museums, shopping malls, restaurants and rating.

we offer the option to receive you at the airport with all possible information

** User may contact us if he or she requires further information via email, in 48hrs or less the user will get the feedback depending on the kind of request

write us to: info@expertmex.com